David McCradden | CD-Art Director
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Coors // The Man From Golden

Coors Banquet has a long, storied history dating back more than 140 years. In this campaign we wanted to tell the true stories of the brewery's founder, Adolph Coors, a 26-year-old German immigrant who set out to the frontier of America to make a product that would live up to his unrelenting standards. We also focused on the town that grew up around the brewery, Golden, CO, in the social and digital space.

CD: Jonathan Ozer
CD-CW: Tony Pawela

Online Content


In 2015, we created a series of long-form web videos that highlighted some of today's best craftsman. Much like Adolph Coors in 1873, these people are driven by the desire to create products that meet their high standards of quality.  In the first two weeks, the videos had already garnered over 16 million views and was covered by Huffington Post, Gizmodo, Adweek, Devour and even made the top post on Reddit.



When walking through the Coors brewery in Golden, Colorado one thing is readily apparent: everyone takes great pride in making the Banquet beer. The atmosphere is a very familial one, with many people working there their entire careers and where multi-generational bonds are commonplace. We focused on showing that human side of the brewery. We started a web series that highlight the people behind the beer, their dedication and their stories. Because even though they might not have the last name of "Coors" they are all part of the family.


We also teamed up with VICE to give viewers an inside peak at the brewery, and created an Instagram feed that gives you a sense of the culture and people who work in the brewery. 


We created a new coors.com that the people of Golden could be proud of.