David McCradden | CD-Art Director

Oscar Mayer // Bacoin

Oscar Mayer bacon is so good it's money. We took that very literally and created Bacoin, the world's first cryptocurrency that is backed by the gold standard of bacon, Oscar Mayer. The value of a Bacoin increased and decreased based on user's social sharing, so they could ride the ups and downs of the market before cashing out for real Oscar Mayer bacon.

CD: Doug Behm
CD: Todd Brusnighan
ACD-CW: Rob Neveau
Sr CW: Matt Frierdich

How Bacoin Worked…


Case Study

For the folks who want the stats, this video has them. TDLR, Bacoin had 900 million earned impressions in just 4 days and had the food and tech world’s buzzing.



To help promote the new cryptocurrency we created Silicon Valley-style tech maverick, Keith Sizzle. Very much impressed with himself and his own thoughts, Keith took to Twitter to announce the new bacon-backed cryptocurrency and feed his own ego.