David McCradden | CD-Art Director

Oscar Mayer // For The Love of Hot Dogs

Oscar Mayer updated their entire line of hot dogs and made it their summer mission to put one in every hand across America. So we designed, built, and introduced the WienerDrone to deliver hot dogs wherever they were needed, from New York to Alaska and everywhere in between. 

CD: Lee Remias
CD: Kevin Thoem
ACD-CW: Rob Neveau
Sr CW: Eamon Conway
Sr AD: Andres Schilling

Online Content


Campaign Case Study

Here is the case study that covers the full breadth of the campaign from TV to social to the creation of the Wienerdrone. All-in-all the campaign had more than 1.8 billion earned impressions and was featured on media outlets from Mashable, Reddit and the WSJ to a shout-out from Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show.