David McCradden | CD-Art Director

Oscar Mayer // NASCAR

When Oscar Mayer delved into their first ever NASCAR sponsorship we got the opportunity to not only design the car, but also create content to hype the partnership all season long.

CD: Doug Behm
CD: Todd Brusnighan
ACD-CW: Quentin Hirsley
Designer: Dee Duncan



Web Content

SInce Oscar Mayer had a new driver, we created a short web series so Ryan Newman could get up-to-speed on all things Hotdogger and vice versa.


Paint Scheme

We ended up designing three paint schemes for the race car, one focusing on hot dogs, another for bacon and the final for DeliFresh. The paint scheme was well-received by the NASCAR community and featured on numerous NASCAR-centric blogs, while the car itself was featured in a massive crash at Daytona (see below).