David McCradden | CD-Art Director
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Planters // Mr. IPA-Nut

Peanuts and beer go together like, well, peanuts and beer. So when Planters asked us to come up with an idea that could grab some headlines, we suggested Mr. IPA-Nut, Planters first foray into the craft beer world. From picking the brewery, taste-testing beers, designing the can and naming the beer this was a dream project of mine. In the end, the beer tasted great and all 25,000 cans of Mr. IPA-Nut sold out in less than 24 hours.

ACD-CW: Quentin Hirsley
Sr CW: Matt Frierdich
Sr CW: Matt Conaghan
Sr AD: Brian Eaton
Designer: Dee Duncan



To launch Mr. IPA-Nut we had Mr. Peanut enlist Twitter to help him create his first ever beer commercial. But beer advertising is full of well-worn troupes and gimmicks, so we wanted to poke fun at some of the more well-known brands. All the while we asked the Internet to give us suggestions for tag lines, animal sidekicks, catchphrases and can technology to put into our nutty commercial. Because a nutty beer needs an equally nutty commercial.


The Internet Presents… 



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